Our small family business offers a wide variety of wood products

We create beautiful keepsakes to last a lifetime and can be treasured and handed down for years.

Our pet memorials are all different in price ranges as everyone requires different ideas on their keepsake. We can have photos put on aluminum for a clear image that is washable and has sharp color. Some include ashes and name tags and others are created specifically for your design. No 2 are ever the same, which makes for different price points.

We can also custom make an urn for your pet or family member, these do require some time to make such special memorial keepsakes. We do require the weight of your loved one so the size of the urn can be determined.

Our large charcuterie boards can be custom made for gift giving with a name, brand, logo or a special quote but there is an extra fee for custom boards. We offer a large variety of designs in our library but not everything is on file and if it requires searching for something specific there is an extra fee. We offer different shapes for the larger charcuterie boards which are 12in x 24in. We also have a few varieties of handles for the larger trays which also have an extra fee. You can also request a color but we don't have a formula so it isn't an exact match, but still guaranteed to be beautiful

Our smaller charcuterie boards are one shape only measuring @ 12in sq. They include one image and can have additions added for an extra fee. The pieces on the website are all one of a kind pieces

All of our charcuterie boards are food safe and only require handwashing. DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER!

Can you cut on the charcuterie boards?

Yes but we do not recommend it, with any wood board the knife will mark them so most charcuterie boards are really kitchen art when you're not using it as a serving tray.

Do we offer different fonts?

YES we have a few in our library but if you require something specific send us the name of the font and we'll do our best to find it.

Looking for furniture?

We offer small tables only. Our CNC table is 4FT X 4FT and that is the maximum size we can do. Coffee table size is the largest size we like to work with

Can we put business logos on crib boards?

Yes we can help with corporate orders just send us your logo in the correct format and we'll get you a quote. Logos can be tricky if there is a lot of detail but usually we can work something out. If you require only one item with the logo there is a fee for setting up the logo which we normally waive on large orders.

How long does my order take?

No 2 orders are the same but we really like to have 60 days for custom orders. It really depends what you're looking to have made. Items with epoxy rivers take a couple of weeks just to cure and finishing also takes a good week to finish your keepsake. We usually have a variety of items on hand for gifting.

Do you have an outdoor finish?

Yes we use osmo oils for all of our wood finishes and they offer a great UV protectant as well as a great food grade finish for the charcuterie boards.

We do not however make outdoor signs.